Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spaghetti with Simple Tomato Sauce

I have to tell you that I am a huge Spaghetti fan. Were it not for how messy it makes my kids, we would eat it a lot more than we already do.

I just found this recipe from Cooking Light that I really like. I love it because the sauce is so simple but it tastes like it has been simmering for hours. And the shaved pieces of parmesan reggiano don't hurt either.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Preschool Update

One of the fun things about Peter's school is that the teachers take pictures during class and they post them on a private account online. So fun to see what he is doing at Pre-school. I can tell that he is really liking his classmates and teachers. It is a fun time.

first day
This was taken the first day of class. They use it for their cubby boxes--the teacher laminated each of their pictures on the front of their cubbies so that they would know which one is theirs. I have to say, he looks a little over excited here. :)

hanging out
I have no idea what they are doing here, but it is a pretty cute picture. I like how happy he looks.

reading books

Ms. Colleen and Ms. Anna
Ms. Colleen has been a teacher at Peter's preschool for at least 15 years. Her son went to preschool there and is now a senior in high school. Peter really likes Ms. Colleen and Ms. Anna!

This is not of Peter obviously but I went to high school with each of these boys' mothers. I also think it is a pretty sweet picture of boys playing together. Peter has not quite mastered how to pedal a tricycle although I am sure once he does he will want to give the kids rides around the playground.

They have a big pipe that the kids can walk or bike through on the playground. He looks pretty proud.

This morning when I was reviewing the letter "D" with Matthew and Peter I was going over their bible verses as well. Peter was able to sing to me both of the verses they have learned so far--"A friend loves at all times" (to the tune of Farmer in the Dell) and "Listen to what God says" (to the tune of London Bridges). It was really sweet.

We are really thankful that such a great preschool is so close by!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Words from the "Wise"

One day I was telling Peter that he needed to be nice to his friends. I quoted a verse we have been learning, "Be kind to one another." He told me that "Lightning McQueen says that, not Mommy." I told him Lighting McQueen must read the Bible.

Peter has a habit of asking me what is for dinner way in advance. Like after lunch. "what's for dinner?" Today I told him that we were having Pizza. Pizza is his favorite food. He told me he was glad because pasta tastes very very very very bad. And he said that it hurts when it goes down his throat. I don't get it.

At lunch the other day, Gramps got a big Peanut Butter shake. Peter kept wanting to have some and I kept reminding him to share. After many, many sips, I said he would have to ask Gramps again if he could have yet another sip. He said to my dad, "Gramps, God wants us to share." At least what we're saying around here is getting in that noggin at some point!

Matthew has a hard time with his "ing" words. "Where are you go-ning? What are you do-ning?"

Matthew likes to cook. He asks me for pots and spoons while I am cooking dinner and stirs them and says, "I cook-ning, mama."

Peter says in the morning, "My light turned green, mama! Time to get up!"

Yesterday, a 10 year old was asked some questions by our Pastor so that she could have her first communion. I thought Peter might be interested since he knew the 10 year old, so I was watching his facial expression. He looked very serious. I whispered, "Pastor Paul is asking her some questions about God." He whispered back, "Mommy, why do you paint your toes?"

Peter walks around the house saying the names of his preschool classmates, "Mason, Benson, Sophie, Gavin, Tobin." 

Peter asks everyday now, "What are we doing tomorrow?"

My dad told Peter he was tired and Peter said, "You should take a nap, Gramps."

One of our friends likes to say, "Kookypants." A lot. Tonight Mike tried to call one of the kids "kookypants" and Peter informed him that only Uncle Larry can say that word. Mike asked if it was okay for him to say "kookyshorts" and Peter informed us that it was not.

Matthew's 2nd Birthday

Cripes! It has been exactly a month since Matthew's 2nd birthday! I gotta get on the ball. I didn't think my friend over at KandidKiwi would be so timely and post her 2 year old's party pictures the next day!

I had the house all decorated for Matthew's party the night before, so when Peter and Matthew woke up they were VERY excited to see the house decked out with Thomas the Engine stuff everywhere. We started a tradition of bananas and chocolate syrup (I try to artfully "spell" out the age with the banana slices) on our birthday mornings. Here is Matthew feasting on his special breakfast.

enjoying his birthday with his Omi. he LOVED this train

playing in the sandbox with his girlfriends...
always good for a laugh...

Thomas the Train cake

When it was time to blow out the candles, Matthew was more interested in grabbing the Thomas engine off of the cake than blowing anything out. I had to grab the engine off while we were singing "Happy Birthday" to avoid a major freak out. It had frosting all over the bottom and he smeared it all over his shirt. Pretty funny.

He barely ate any of his cake because he was so excited about the Thomas engine.
Peter was super excited about cake. It was all he talked about all morning.

the birthday boy was found wandering the party in someone's ugg boots at one point...

opening presents
He was most excited to get a soccer ball. It was really sweet. He was ready to stop opening presents and play with it. I had to remind him he had a lot more to open.

hanging out...
One of my favorite parts of his party was that we were surrounded by our friends and family. The year after Matthew was born was very challenging for me and I was so thankful to have most of the people that were such a support celebrating Matthew's 2nd birthday with us.

sweet friends

We capped off the day with more present opening and a skype session with both sides of the family. Here is Matthew chatting with Tante Heidi....

It was a great day! So fun to see Matthew so excited and it was nice to be able to celebrate what a blessing he is in our lives.