Monday, February 1, 2010

4 months old and vroom vroooommm

hard to believe we are at the 4 month point with Matthew these days...February seemed soooo FAR away back in October. Matthew is getting closer and closer to inching his way out of the bassinet. we're on the hunt for bunk beds and I am mapping out some sort of plan to get the boys to sleep in same room....wish me luck. i think we will still need a port a crib to help us through naps....
this one is for Auntie Karen...thanks for the outfit! Matthew is a very smiley baby. He laughs too! I don't remember Peter doing that at this age. Daddy knows exactly how to make Matthew is very sweet.
Peter is still obsessed with the camera. Here I surprised him as I was laying down on the ground.....

Matthew can now grab some of his toys. He likes to lay on his floor gym. He really likes it when Peter comes to visit him. Which is often. :) Peter has been into cars and trucks for about a month now. He lines them all up on our the arms of our sofas and stares at them. Then he pushes them over the other side. He does this for quite a long time. At least 15 minutes. It is very mesmerizing to watch.

Peter loves it when Matthew watches him play with the cars. He especially prefers Matthew to perch himself on the arm of the couch. I think they will be good friends.

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