Tuesday, July 29, 2008

earthquakes and being a boy

today was an eventful day. peter experienced his first earthquake. it was only a 5.4, but it definitely caused some looks during our baby movement class this morning. yep, you read correctly, "baby movement." it is also called "family fun time" which is just a pc way of saying "mommy & me."

we meet every tuesday at a local park rec room and sing songs and play with romper room kind of toys. a poorman's gymboree i guess. it has been alright, i really only like going because we get to see peter's girlfriend, baby c. she wasn't there today, so we had to amuse ourselves. today i felt like i saw a glimpse of the "boy" in peter. up till now, he has pretty much just been a baby. but today, we were "playing" (this consists of peter lying on the inside of a donut, while i roll it back and forth), he indicated (i know you don't believe me, but he really did somewhat motion) that he was interested in this ball:

i brought us closer to the ball to give him opportunity to inspect it. he was really fascinated by the spikes and seemed to just really enjoy looking at it. being a girl myself, i really was not into it. but i found it pretty fascinating and exciting as to how interested he was in it. and of course part of me was trying to not get too freaked out about how germy it seemed to be. i prevented him from actually licking the ball--that is all he wants to do these days--and got him to be satisfied with just looking at it. he was greatly entertained just watching the ball roll backward and forward to us. i created some variety and bounced it up and down a couple of times. cheap thrills.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby P tries out the bumbo...his poor thunder thighs are too big for it!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Visit in Northern California

We had the opportunity to take a whirlwind trip to Northern California this week. I had to go for work, so we thought it would be a great opportunity for Baby P to meet the rest of the family.

We were a little nervous about the plane ride. It is only an hour...but you never know how babies will react to the air pressure, and all the other things that come along with traveling. Our first hurdle was getting through security. The TSA lady was quite taken by Baby P as we passed through....so taken that as we said goodbye, she felt the need to shake hands (her latex gloved hands that have touched thousands of people in the airport) with Baby P. Mental note...don't get too close to the TSA people! Needless to say, we subtly whipped out some sanitizer...

As with all things thus far, Baby P continued to be the model baby. We got to the airport super early and had a lot of time to kill. He was pretty mellow during that time, with the exception of puking all over me. Thankfully I had a change of clothes. He started getting cranky, as all people do after waiting in the airport.

Getting on to the plane was a nice change of scene for Baby P I think. He seemed to like to look around at everything, and he liked staring at the air vents, lights, and seat numbers. His facial expression--which to me looked like contentment, reminded me a lot of his grandpa--who also always looks content on airplanes (Except right before take off. Gramps always worries).

My FIRST plane ride!!!

We spent the first night with Chuckles, Giggles, and Silliness. Alas, they were not awake when we arrived and the next day got really crazy...so I don't have many pictures to prove that they met Baby P. But they did, and they enjoyed meeting him. We had a fun time with Auntie K and Uncle S. They were wonderful hosts. Baby P even got a "mint" on his pillow from Auntie K (a "Who Loves Baby" book--something for us to put pictures of friends and family in. It helps him learn who is who. So start submitting photos now. :)).

Uncle S and Baby P bonding

On Friday I had to go to a work meeting, and the rest of the family hung out. We spent the afternoon running some errands and then in the evening we got together with the D G-Family for a nice BBQ. Fun was had by all.

Giggles and Silliness pose during dessert

Nana and the 7
(they were briefly sedate during a viewing of the Fox and the Hound)


Friday night we headed over to spend the night at the D G-Family. It was great to have a chance to visit with "Unky" Phil as well. J & H had fun hanging out with Baby P. I cracked up when J referred to Baby P's hands as "claws." They both enjoyed marveling over his rolls and rolls of fat.

Cousin J and Baby P
(Here is some G-Family trivia: Cousin J and Baby P have the
same age difference as their Uncle S and Mike and Uncle D)

Baby P and Cousin H particularly hit it off.
Here she is admiring Baby P's "big head"

There is a lot going on here....mainly Cousin S "getting to know" Baby P quite well. All 3 cousins crowded around Baby P to get a better glimpse. They also enjoyed singing Psalm 5 to Baby P as he went to sleep. Baby P was full of smiles.

When the kids were all asleep, we got to spend some time with KP. She practiced her speech for her church's Homeschool Encouragement Day. It was really good--she talked about homeschooling during her sickness. It was interesting to hear the whole story from her perspective. Not like I didn't already know a lot of what she said, but it was nice to hear her tell the whole story from beginning to end. She is such a blessing!

Saturday morning we made our way back to Southern California. We had a great trip!

Monday, July 7, 2008

To: Josh, Hannah, Chuckles, Sophia, Giggles, and Silliness...and Nana..and Aunties and Uncles

I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU!! (it is a little hard to get me in focus these days...I am a mover and a shaker!)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

i have no clue what is going on...happy 4th though!!