Monday, May 25, 2009

Worst Mom Blogger Ever

I doubt anyone actually visits this blog anymore since I have been so pathetic in my postings. Things have been super busy here, mainly because I have been "working" on something, but I will write more about that later.

We have had a couple of celebrations around here lately....

Charlotte had her 1st birthday party, which was Peter's first birthday party. It was very fun.

Strange to be at a party covered with juice boxes and goldfish.

The party was at Charlotte's grandparents' house. I spent quite a bit of time there in high school--it was weird to go there for her birthday party and reflect back on some of the other memorable moments I spent at that house--which definitely did not involve babies.

Charlotte's grandma took Peter and Char for a couple of spins around the backyard in the wagon.

We also celebrated Mike's ordination as an elder at our church. It was a really nice day and it has been great to see him take on this new role.

We also attended Harper's baptism. It was fun to see our friends from our old church, but I definitely do not miss the drive. :)

We celebrated Easter with Mike's family. Nana, Dave, and Karen and the kids came down for a couple of days. We had a great time. It was extra special as Mike had the opportunity to conduct a prayer during the Easter service for the first time as elder. It was nice that his family was able to be there to share in that moment.

Hannah looking for one of the 56 eggs Grandma and Grandpa C hid in backyard

playing cards

in their Easter garb

Peter and Sophia play with toy cellphone and blackberry. YES, that is a toy blackberry. It was given to us by a friend that knows me too well. Peter was SO excited to get it. Is that bad?

We also celebrated my dad's 75th birthday. My mom worked really hard (as always) to make it a wonderful occasion. It was really great!

Peter also got his very first severe cold. He got an ear infection, cold/cough, and minor pink eye all at once. The doctor recommended we use a nebulizer to help his cough. He did pretty well with it.

During his sickness, Peter was a champ. He always is positive (he doesn't get that from me) and he decided that despite the fact we were all gross from being sick, he would entertain us with his first steps. On April 20, he started walking!

I wish I could post something fantastic, but I haven't figured out how to upload my videos on my video camera online yet.

Here are a couple of pics my mom took while Peter was displaying his tricks at their house:

He has this very proud look on his face--he was very excited to learn how to walk!
Hey Gramps, look what I can do!

a visit with j & d....there was a lot going on in this picture. :)

This was his first adventure in his new carseat (thank you Chanoli Family!). He loves riding FORWARD!!
He made me laugh when he started scrunching up his face. My side of the family is known for scrunching their face all the time.

being silly

It has been pretty wild around here since he started walking. A LOT of "training" going on about what is okay to touch and what is not. He is pretty obedient...for now. Of course, this weekend he seems to have learned how to "jog" or "speedwalk." He seems to have to walk very fast from one location to the next. I am not sure what his urgency is.

Anyways, I am sorry for the lag in posting....I will try to be better.