Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sticks and Stones....

Well, I feel like we are definitely entering into the world of boys these days. In the last few months, Peter has had 2 "incidents."

A couple of months ago we went to the park and there were a bunch of big sticks laying around. Peter and the other kids started to play with them. I started feeling uneasy as they were pretty big and eventually I broke all of the sticks up into smaller ones and told them that they shouldn't play with the sticks anymore.

I started talking to my friends and the next thing I know out of the corner of my eye, I see Peter climbing up a small slide. He had not listened to me and found a enormous stick in the bushes. He had taken it and put it on top of the slide. He was climbing up to grab it, but because of his position on the slide and the position of the stick, he couldn't see the stick was about to poke him in the eye. Before I could say anything, his eye already connected with the stick.

He started screaming and screaming and clutching his eye. It was clamped shut and I was really scared that he had scratched his cornea. It was not getting any better, so I decided to take him to the nearest urgent care location (thanks to the input of the other mamas with me. Thanks, mamas!). The whole way to urgent care, he was screaming, "I don't want to go to the doctor, I don't want to the doctor." And when he wasn't screaming that, he was screaming, "I don't want to wear a patch. I don't want to wear a patch." It was actually very providential that he kept saying "I don't want to wear a patch" because it made me chuckle a little. I found out later that he thought he was going to need a patch like the one Gramps got after having a cataract removed. Here I thought he was thinking of pirates!

Urgent care said that they didn't think it was serious but they weren't really equipped to deal with kids, so they said we should go to the ER. At that point it was getting close to nap time, so I decided to head home and put Matthew down for a nap.

By the time we got home 15 minutes later, Peter was calming down a bit. I gave him some ibuprofen for the pain and about 5 minutes after arriving home, his eye started opening up. Thankfully he had not scratched his cornea. I think the stick just nicked the outside of his eye, but scared him enough that he clamped it shut.

I was so thankful that he was okay. It was really a horrible sight to see him crawling up the slide and hitting the stick. Moral of the story: Don't play with sticks. Duh!

The second incident occurred right after his 4th birthday. He had gone to preschool with cupcakes and the kids were going to sing happy birthday to him and give him a crown and all that good stuff. Thankfully, they were able to do all of that!

He helped me decorate these the day before....

Here he is, decorating his crown

He was so excited to celebrate his birthday with his friends at school!

so were they...
 After the cupcakes, they all went outside for play time. The preschool has these tandem tricycles that the boys like to ride around on. I guess Peter was riding one of these tricycles and another boy, S***, was pedaling. They went through the tunnel that is on the playground and I think another boy, S***, was racing/chasing them on his bike. I think they took a turn too fast or Peter got scared because they were going fast and he let go and fell onto the ground. I think S****'s bike may have hit Peter in the face. ***Names taken out to protect the innocent. :)

According to one of his classmates, Benson, "Peter's head got run over by a bike and he was bleeding."

I happened to be at a work meeting, my mom was at the library with Matthew, and Mike was off work. Mike got the initial call from the preschool and asked my mom (the one with the carseat) to go get Peter. She was quite nervous as she wasn't sure what she was going to see....all they had said was that he fell off the trike and was "refusing medical attention" and that he wanted to go home.

When she arrived, he was sitting in Ms. Colleen's lap. He had refused a cold compress.....He was quite the was Omi for picking him up.

day of accident

couple of days after...

It was a lame thing to happen amidst birthday celebrations...oh well. Peter ended up getting a high fever and double ear infections the next day! We had to postpone his birthday party with his friends.

All in all, we were very fortunate in both situations.

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