Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It is crazy to think that the past month and a half of preparations for Christmas are leading up to the actual day quite soon. We've had a wonderful Christmas season.

From taking our family Christmas pictures to hosting the Women's Ornament and Cookie Exchange, attending the church Christmas Party, attending the Preschool Christmas Party, hosting our own Ugly Sweater Party, and attending the church Youth Group Party--we have been busy celebrating Christ's birth.

I've tried to remind the boys about why we are doing all of this--to celebrate the birth of Christ. At ages 3 and a half and 2, I am sure they are not quite piecing it together, but we have enjoyed laying the foundations.

We've spent time eating Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and chocolates from our Advent Calendars. We've been reading The Crippled Lamb and watching the Christmas Lamb....we've watched Mickey's Christmas Carol, Peanuts' Christmas, and of course we have watched the Thomas related Christmas episodes.

We've eaten a lot of Christmas cookies. A lot. My mom and I got to enjoy some quality time together and attended a home tour in Manhattan Beach.

We went to see the Christmas lights in the neighborhood nearby. And Mike and I have enjoyed some nice quiet dinners with various close friends.

We feel like we have been going full steam since December 1! So you will have to excuse me for just posting these pics and not making more comments about them.

I think I would rather dwell on what Linus explains is the reason for this time of celebration.

Women's Ornament and Cookie Exchange

someone estimated that we had 700 cookies (there were more on our kitchen island)

Manhattan Beach Home Tour with my mom

Angel Breakfast with Mike and Peter

Preschool Christmas Party

Looking at Christmas lights

appetizers for our Ugly Sweater Party

deep conversations....

decorating/eating Gingerbread Houses

deep concentration....

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